Chapel Hill is a wonderful community.

I have lived in and around Chapel Hill for 16 years. I’ve raised my three children here. I’ve centered my career and volunteer efforts in this community—helping it to thrive and become the best version of itself. Now I’m ready to take that one step further. I’m ready to serve you on the Chapel Hill Town Council. As your councilperson, my priorities are three important and interconnected issues:

Increasing Affordable Housing

Chapel Hill is growing. And as it grows, we must ensure we provide housing that is affordable to lower income individuals and families. I am committed to ensuring that Chapel Hill realizes its desire to be a welcoming and inclusive community to all regardless of socioeconomic status. We need to get creative and provide a variety of options. Having experienced housing insecurity myself and having worked for a Chapel Hill agency that provides affordable housing to extremely low- to moderate-income families and individuals, I have the empathy and expertise to move this conversation forward.

Bolstering Economic Development

Economic development is critical to fostering a strong and vibrant community. Chapel Hill will best benefit from a diverse range of businesses—types of business and types of business owners. We need small and large, entrepreneurial and established, individually-owned and national chains. We need more BIPOC and women-owned businesses. Having a variety of business types strengthens our economic ecosystem by creating jobs and generating tax revenue, making our local economy healthy and resilient.

Honoring Our Green Space

Chapel Hill benefits from an abundance of green space. As Chapel Hill continues to grow, we need to consider the benefits and costs of preservation and development. There will always be trade-offs. Climate change, stormwater management, and wildlife habitat are real concerns as we navigate Chapel Hill’s growth. We need to be thoughtful as we move forward together, prioritizing transparency and consistency, as we define a process that is both fair and inclusive.

My number one objective is to listen.

I want to hear your hopes and concerns about Chapel Hill. I want to understand how the town council’s decisions impact you. I want to take your voice with me as your representative to ensure you are heard. I understand the challenges we are facing are not unique–towns and cities across the country are facing similar growing pains. It is by listening that we can learn from others—what is working, what isn’t working—and then work together as a community to come up with creative solutions that strike the right balance between preserving traditions and incorporating mindful change. Above all else, I believe in our ability to work together and find solutions to ensure Chapel Hill continues to thrive.