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“[Camille Berry] has a wealth of diverse professional experience in housing, health care, economic development, and other areas; [Is a] long-time advocate for affordable housing with lived experience of housing insecurity; [and] has worked across many communities, from Transplanting Traditions to Carolina Friends to the Rotary Club.”

News and Observer

“Berry is a natural leader who has worked extensively with Chapel Hill nonprofits.”

“[Camille Berry] has worked in the affordable housing sector, has personally experienced the need for an affordable home and is committed to providing diverse housing options. [She] understands that job creation is a fundamental strategy for increasing affordability and is supportive of commercial growth that can provide good jobs and revenue.”

“Berry has advocated for affordable housing through her work with the Community Home Trust and has volunteered with several local community organizations. Berry advocates for an inclusionary approach to long-term planning, including in redeveloping the Land Use Management Ordinance. She includes as part of her platform proposals to develop a strategy to assist residents of mobile home parks who face displacement and issuing a second affordable housing bond, among other initiatives.”

The Daily Tarheel

“[Berry]…has a strong vision for a diversity of housing and transportation options to make Chapel Hill home for the working-class people who work here. Additionally, she hopes to make the most of our greenway systems and build our bike lane infrastructure to make travel by bike and footpaths safer, and retains a clarity around the reality of the climate crisis and how Chapel Hill can enforce its climate standards.”

I exercised my civic duty today and casted my ballot in Carrboro. If I lived in Chapel Hill, Camille Berry would be a candidate I would vote for.  Camille will bring an authentic voice and work tirelessly for all citizens. Her past experiences have given her the courage to fight with empathy and compassion. Camille has the heart and soul of a true servant-leader.

Lorie Clark

Eliazar Posada
Posada Strategic Consulting

Camille Berry is a prime example of the lived experiences we need on the Chapel Hill Town Council.  She has proven to be community centered and has a unique understanding of the issues that impact my community the most. I know the Latinx and immigrant communities will have a friend and advocate in Camille.

Camille Berry es una gran ejemplo de las personas y las experiences que deberíamos tener en el Consejo Municipal de Chapel Hill. Ella a demostrado que esta centrada en comunidad y tiene un entendimiento de los temas que mas impactan a nuestra comunidad. Yo se que la comunidad Latina e immigrate tendrá una amiga y luchadora en Camille.

I smiled the moment that I heard that Camille was running for Town Council. She takes the time to actively listen, to contemplate, to process, and to be present. I have watched community form because of her. She has devoted her life to lifting up others through her work within affordable housing in our community. I know she will do the same for all of us within this new role. Before she even thought about running for Town Council, I have been blessed by having her make the town we call home a brighter place to live.

Alex Nickodem
Real Estate Broker, Chapel Hill, NC

Maryann Toone
Chapel Hill, NC

Hello, I’m Maryann Toone. A resident of Chapel Hill for about 12 years now. It’s a wonderful place to retire. Always loved my visits here and decided to make it my home.

Camille and I met through Community Home Trust. She was employed there and I was serving on the Board at the time. She brought a breath of fresh air. Hit the ground running. With that smile and positivity one would never know how difficult it was for this single mom, who raised the brightest and most loving family.  As you can tell I admire her tenacity.

I’ve attached these photos that she took of me after talking me into coming into her office at CHT for lunch. I was having a bad day, not feeling well, but you’d never know it looking at these photos. She made me laugh and changed my whole perspective of how I was feeling. I’ll never forget Camille’s positivity in dealing with this grumpy senior that day.

On her fundraising endeavors I was surprised to see one of my pictures she took on the table along with brochures of communities represented by CHT.
Chapel Hill needs this intelligent, warm, people loving, sacrificing woman who can do anything she sets out to do.

I endorse Camille Berry!

Camille is very friendly and always has a smile, no matter who you are or what background or ethnicity you come from. She was always a part of Transplanting Traditions Community Farm’s board meetings and even found a place for the board to meet when they needed it.

Tri Sa
Transplanting Traditions Community Farm Board Member and Farmer

I am pleased to endorse Camille Berry for Chapel Hill Town Council. Camille is a hard worker who knows of what she speaks. Having experienced housing insecurity herself, and then as an employee at a non-profit for affordable housing in Chapel Hill, Camille knows what it takes to tackle the crucial issue of affordable housing.

I met Camille as we worked together in our precinct to educate and encourage our neighbors to vote. She always contributed important ideas to our discussions and volunteered to lead activities. I encouraged Camille to run for office because I know she will bring much of value to the Council. She will listen respectfully to others and take reasonable positions in the interest of all those affected by the Council’s decisions.

Jane Brown
Chapel Hill, NC

I am pleased to support Camille Berry for a seat on the Chapel Hill Town Council. Camille is a fierce advocate for affordable housing and those among us who are in need, in no small part because of her experience with housing insecurity. We need that advocacy on our Council. I hope Camille can count on your vote.

Michael Parker
Chapel Hill Mayor Pro Tem