Camille Berry

Hi – I’m Camille Berry, and I am a North Carolina native who has lived in and around Chapel Hill for the past 16 years.

I moved to Orange County in 2005 with my former husband and three children — Jasmine and twins, Allegra and Anthony. During the recession of 2009, I became a single parent and experienced housing, transportation, and food insecurity. At times, it was a very dark period. Thanks to the generosity of friends and resources that existed in this community, I was able to regroup and stabilize so that I could face my fear and look to the future with hope.

With this renewed outlook, I discovered an opportunity to use my fundraising skills to secure resources for a need that I recognized all too well. For nearly seven years, I worked to advance affordable housing opportunities for extremely low to moderate income households right here in Chapel Hill.

What do I love about Chapel Hill? The people — which is why you can often find me out and about meeting up with someone. A friend once joked that he had never entered a coffee house that I was not sitting in already.

I’ve worn many hats here in Chapel Hill: advocate, connector, and neighbor. I would be honored to wear the hat of public servant and your representative on the Chapel Hill Town Council.

Deep commitment to local service

Rotary Club

Camille is a big believer in the Rotary Club motto, “Service Above Self.” She joined the Rotary in 2017 and even served one term as President. 

Commitment to Chapel Hill

Camille is deeply committed to Chapel Hill’s success and served as a member of the Chapel Hill Assessment Center to evaluate candidates for Town Manager, and has served as a Leadership Fellow for the Chamber for a Greater Chapel Hill-Carrboro since 2015.

Healthcare Advocate

She believes in healthcare for all and “walks the walk” by serving on the board of Piedmont Health, a community health center located in 7 NC counties and serves residents in almost all 100 NC counties and even some of Virginia.

Wellesley College

Camille is a Wellesley alum (as are Madeleine Korbel Albright and Hillary Rodham Clinton) and continues to maintain close ties with the community.

Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate

Camille understands the value of mentorship and has served as a mentor in the Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate Program since 2017.

Hope Renovations

Camille embodies the quote, “We rise by lifting others” in her service as a Board Member for Hope Renovations, a nonprofit that equips women with basic construction and other trade skills so that they can enter into the trades and have the opportunity to earn higher wages.

Carolina Friends

The Carolina Friends School—which was the first school to be integrated in the area if not the State—holds a special place in Camille’s heart. She particularly loves two of its tenets: 1. The power of silence, and 2. Truth is continually revealed. Camille is an active volunteer at the school where she operates the scoreboard during basketball games and calls alumni, parents, and friends for CFS Giving Day held every May.

Community Service

Community service is a constant in Camille’s life and led her to be a founding board member of the Transplanting Traditions Community Farm, a nonprofit that enables refugees from Myanmar to grow and sell food that is familiar to their native diet while also advancing health and economic empowerment for this group of immigrants.

Fundraising Professional

Camille believes in giving back to others in her field, which led her to serve as the Membership Chair and the Diversity & Inclusion Chair for the NC Triangle chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Precinct Chair

Camille is passionate about participating in the political process at the local level, and ensuring everyone has a voice, which led her to getting involved with her local precinct, Cedar Falls, where she served one year as the Co-Chair and currently serves as the Social Chair.

Umpire in Chief

Camille loves sports and even served as Umpire-in-Chief for the South Durham Little League for 7 years and Assistant District Administrator for NC District 6 for 3 years.